Viva Las Paris

Paris Las Vegas is open. I mean really open. They even have co-ed bathrooms and keno girls that look like genuine French street walkers! And when you ask someone a question, they answer "BONJOUR!" and speak with a French accent! Besides all these little things, there are some big things you should see here too, like the Eiffel Tower (one of it’s legs protrude out of the blackjack pit) and the Arc D’ Triumph (outside on the strip). The only thing that’s missing is the River Seine running through the casino.


Gambling wise they have French Roulette (single zero, one of the few in Las Vegas) and multiple odds craps. Multiple odds at the Paris translates to 3X odds on the six and eight, 4X odds on the five and nine, and 5X odds on the four and ten.


This means that in theoretical terms the casino edge (normally 1.4 for pass/come bets) plunges down to .47 for the six and eight, .37 for the five and nine, and .33 for the four and ten.


In practical terms, if you have a $30 pass/come bet on the six and eight, you can add $90 behind the line and win $30 for your flat bet and $108 for your odds for a total of $138. If you bet on the five or nine you can add $120 to your $30 flat bet and win $180 for the odds plus $30 for the flat bet for a total of $210. And finally, for the four and ten, you can add $150 to your flat bet of $30 and win $300 for the odds plus $30 for the flat portion for a total of $330.


To compare these results to other "premium" casinos such us offering only 2X odds, look at the following chart:


            Normal 2X

odds casino           Paris 

6 or 8     $102       $138

5 or 9     $120       $210

4 or 10  $150       $330


Of course you have to add a little more money in odds, but the very low casino vigs on these bets make it totally worthwhile.


In fact, you’d have be in Seine not to try it!


And, as always, good luck at the tables!