Best Bet

What is the Best Bet on the Craps Table?

The best bet on the craps table is, of course, the unadvertised “free” odds bet. This is the only bet that provides the house with absolutely no commission or “vig”, but you usually have to make a pass/don’t-pass or come/don’t-come bet to take advantage of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to able to take advantage of these “free odds” without making a flat bet first?

Well, there is a way, but you just have to be a little creative the next time you play.

The pass or come bet’s advantage is diluted somewhat after each come-out, but if you want to take advantage of these bets, you should use a “put bet.” These bets will allow you to make a pass line bet with full odds after the point is established.

After the come-out however, the advantage swings over to the don’t player so we’re going to concentrate on these don’t-come and don’t-pass bets in this article. You’ll find that by using these methods the payoff is significantly higher than making lay bets, and you’ll get to meet a lot of people and have a lot of fun!

Many casinos offer 5X, 10X or 100X odds on their tables, but most people do not have the bankroll to take advantage of these high odds. Often when you are at one of these casinos, you see people placing a don’t-pass bet for $5 and then taking $10 odds, instead of the maximum odds that they are allowed.

Your job then is to befriend just one of these people, and ask him (or her) if you can add some extra odds to their bet. It isn’t as hard as it seems and, if you befriend just one person at one table, you could end up with many don’t pass or don’t come zero-vig bets.

These added-odds bets are your very best bets, because your new friend will take all the risk and avoid the come-out 7/11 for you, for both don’t pass and don’t come bets. After the come-out, any number is in your favor, and if you win, your friend will win his bet too. Remember though, on the don’t-side the allowed odds (5X, 10X or 100X) are calculated on the winnings, not the bet. So for a $5 flat bet on a four or ten (on a 10X table), you can lay up to $100, which pays off up to $50 (at 1:2 odds), as 10 times $5 is $50. For example say your “Mr. Jones” has a don’t come bet for $5 which moves to the four and he takes 2X odds ($20) on it, so he will win $10 if the seven shows before the four. You can add $80 in odds to his bet (on a 5X table) and win an easy $40 if the seven rolls! The don’t pass works in the same manner. If your Mr. Jones bets $5 don’t pass and a point is established (say it is 9 this time) your new friend might normally lay $15 in odds behind his flat bet to win $10. You can then lay an additional $120 (on a 10X table) and win $80 if Big Red appears.

Your new friend has nothing to lose by doing this. You might even want to tip the drink girls for him, or buy him lunch. He’ll be having a lot of fun and winning money at the same time. And you have the big advantage of avoiding the 7/11 come-outs, and the ability to add free odds up to the table maximum while the odds (after the come-out) are all in your favor. This really is a good deal for both of you, and, if you explain it properly, you should have no trouble finding takers - and you might make a good friend or two in the process!

And, as always, good luck at the tables!